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Beko Fridge

Important Safety Information

Following recent media reports and the potential risk of fire from a limited number of Beko fridge models please visit the main Beko site for further information on affected models.

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Beko CDA543FW Fridge/Freezer

The Beko CDA543FW is A-rated for energy efficiency.  This means that it’ll keep your fresh foods cool, whilst keeping your electricity bills to an absolute minimum.  The unit comes complete with fridge and freezer cabinets. The total capacity is 298 litres, so that’s 128 litres in the freezer department, whilst the fridge gives you a generous 170 litres.  The CDA543FW is frost-free so you won’t have to worry about defrosting your freezer.

Buy the CDA543F today


The fridge has ample storage for all your bottles and contains, with 3 adjustable safety glass shelves so no matter how tall the items in your fridge are you’ll always find space!  The bottom of the fridge sees 2 salad crisping drawers, so you can keep all your fresh fruit and veg together in one place.

The freezer compartment is made up of 5 drawers, each draw has a clear PVC front so you can see what’s stored on each level without sliding each one in and out, saving you time and money, after-all if the door’s open for less time then the freezer isn’t working as hard to keep all your goodies frozen!

The CDA543FW is only 540mm wide, so it’ll fit in the tightest of spaces, whilst the height of 1820mm is tall enough to give you plenty of space in both the fridge and freezer compartments but still short enough to fit in any kitchen or garage.  The cabinet is 600mm deep so you’ll find it sits comfortably next to your existing work surfaces and other freestanding kitchen equipment.

So the A-rating for energy efficiency combined with the more than ample 298 litre capacity make the CDA543FW one of the most popular Beko fridges available.

Buy the CDA543F today

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Beko TLDA521W Fridge – Cheap Larder Fridge

The Beko TLDA521W is one of our favourite larder fridges.  With a 9.2cu.ft. capacity it’s spacious enough for the hungriest of families without taking up your entire kitchen.  With the soaring cost of energy you will be reassured to know that this fridge is ‘A’ rated for energy efficiency.  The auto defrost function will ensure that the fridge stays free of ice build up.

Click for latest prices on the TLDA521W Beko Fridge

It’s also really quiet, with its low low low 39 dba noise output.  Take a look at the TLDA521W below:

Beko Fridge TLDA521W

Beko Fridge TLDA521W

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CDA751FS Silver Fridge Freezer From Beko

The CDA751FS is Bekos A rated, frost-free fridge freezer.   It comes in a stylish silver finish and is a must for any modern home owners kitchen, adding a touch of class to wherever you place this unit.  Complete with four adjustable shelves you will have plenty of space to store all of your chilled foods.  The shelves are constructed from tempered safety glass, so not only will they stop smaller items from falling through to lower shelves (as is the case with wire shelves) but they’re quick and easy to clean.

CDA751FS Fridge Freezer from Beko

This gorgeous CDA751 is built from durable stainless steel.  The concealed evaporator with Cold Wall Technology ensures a smooth and neat interior. The fridge has a capacity of 255L and includes three adjustable ‘wipe clean’ glass shelves with three commodity racks that reach across the full width. It even comes complete with an egg tray!!

The fridge utilises automatic defrost technology, which regulates the temperature and ensures that there is no ice build up inside the unit.  You can store your salad in the two large salad crispers that also come with a glass cover.

The freezer is four star rated and has a very generous capacity of 152L with 4 compartments including a Twist & Serve Ice Cube & Ice Storage Tray. The doors can also be hinged from the right or left, to suit the constraints of the kitchen.
Key Facts on the CDA751FS:

* Capacity – 407 Litres
* Energy Rating – A
* Shelves – Adjustable safety glass shelves
* Temperature Control – Single thermostat
* Dimensions – H:1910mm W:700mm D:600mm
* Auto defrost fridge
* Clear drawer fronts
* Reversible doors

You can view the latest price on teh CDA751 here.

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BEKO CDA539FW Save £50

Save £50 on the Beko CDA539FW fridge/freezer in white.

Yes that’s right you can save £50 when you order this 238litre capacity, A energy rated (that’s very efficient by the way) fridge freezer from our recommended dealer today.

Beko CDA539FW - 238 litre capacity fridge & freezer


The size of the CDA539FW is as follows:

Height: 1535mm

Width: 545mm

Depth: 600mm

View further details on the CDA539FW and see for yourself.

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Cheap Beko Fridge

If you’re looking for the cheapest Beko fridge on the market (note we mean cheap, NOT cheap and nasty) then you can’t go wrong with the TDA531W, at less than 200quid this fride/freezer will keep your food cool and stop you from getting in a sweat about your wallet!

 Take a closer look at the TDA531W.

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Pixmania Stock Beko Fridges at Cheap Prices

Pixmania now stock BekoPixmania now stock Beko Pixmania now stock Beko

Pixmania the UKs leading electrical retailer have just launched a massive range of Beko fridges and freezers, visit pixmania for more details.

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CDA653FW Frost Free Beko

This 310 litre, A energy rated fridge/freezer from Beko is fantastic value for money. No manually defrosting required thanks to the built in automatic defrost function. A chilled water dispenser is also included for your convenience. Take a closer look at the CDA653FW.

CDA653FW from front with door openCDA653FW from front with door open

CDA653FW from front with door open

Above: the CDA653FW with both the fridge and freezer doors open

CDA653FW includes an integrated chilled water dispenserCDA653FW includes an integrated chilled water dispenser

CDA653FW includes an integrated chilled water dispenser

Above the CDA653FW comes complete with an integrated chilled water dispenser so it’s not only your appetite for food that’s satisfied!

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Best Price For Beko TDA531W

TDA531W From BekoThe TDA531W is one of Bekos most popular fridge freezers.  With a 219 litre capacity and an ‘A’ energy rating this really is a fridge freezer that is easy on the wallet whilst looking stylish in any home.  For more information on this fantastic unit please visit here.

TDA531W From Beko

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